Pondering Forgiveness

In Soul Food on December 18, 2010 by The Spillover

Forgiveness is an essential element of living under the lordship of Christ.  It’s kind of like repentance in that it’s not really something we do, as in, an event that happens sometimes; it’s really more of a mind-set.  We must have a mind-set of forgiveness just like we have a mind-set of repentance.

Because for the child of God, what is forgiveness, really?

Forgiveness is a mental state that acknowledges our need for Jesus each and every day.  It means we are in the proper place of realizing our daily need for Jesus, and so we cannot hold things against other people.  How can we hold something against someone while we, ourselves, are in a perpetual state of being forgiven by God Himself?

Think about it.

I challenge you today to allow the forgiveness of God to rule your heart through the power and reality of the Holy Spirit living within you.  When we’re in the proper place of constantly realizing our own offense toward God and His sacrifice that made us clean, forgiveness becomes a way of life.

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