A Baby Changes Everything

In Sermon Spillover, Soul Food on December 20, 2010 by The Spillover

Pastor Dave’s sermon was so true…a Baby changes everything.

A Baby.

Jesus Christ.

Son of the Living God.

One piece of the eternal Trinity, who was, is, and always will be.

Residing in glory from eternity past, He chose to leave Heaven, to be born of a woman into lowly conditions, and to live the life of a human on earth.  He lived a sinless life as fully God and fully man.  He accomplished the ultimate purpose of His earthly journey which began as a baby in Bethlehem – to give Himself as an atoning sacrifice for the sins of those who will believe and put their trust in Him.  He took the punishment which belonged to you, and to me.  Thank God He did.

This is a wild, radical love that brought Him here to save us.  He loves us so much that He did the unthinkable in order to offer us the gift of eternity with Him.  The Creator of the universe sacrificed Himself for us.  Really, it’s hard to wrap one’s brain around.

And for me, invariably, it begs this question:

What type of reaction does this wild, radical love call for?

2 Responses to “A Baby Changes Everything”

  1. It seems that the appropriate response/rxn to this kind of love is to surrender to it…submission. If I receive by faith the gift of new life God gave to me in Christ, then my life as it existed before is gone… Since I’m His, then I AM HIS. He has my life now, it doesn’t belong to me… The gift is really a call, an invitation. God is saying to each of us: “I want relationship. I want you. I want your life.” His invitation, His Gift, His terms. The irony? Though surrender/submission sounds really unattractive, it is in that place that God, out of that wild & radical loving heart, gives us a life that exceeds our expectation and imagination. Do I really trust that is true??? Hmmm…

    • Amen to that, Pastor Dave. I think it’s easy to forget about the sheer magnitude of what we’re dealing with. God Himself coming for us, and not just that, but GIVING Himself for us. Wow.

      And it is ironic, surrender/submission leading to freedom. But praise God, He gives us new hearts, new thoughts, and new desires when we put our trust in Him.

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