Sunday Preview

In Sunday Preview on January 7, 2011 by The Spillover

What’s coming up this weekend at Calvary?

Hey, join us this Sunday morning at 10:45.  Plan on getting here a few minutes early and grab a cup of Biggby coffee in the East lobby before you join us for worship.

We are in the middle of a three-week service series on stewardship…I know…not your favorite subject, right?  But it’s important to God, so we thought it probably should be important to us as well.

Last week we looked at how everything we have belongs to God and how living with true contentment is something very different than what we normally experience in life.

Have you seen the NBC Nightly News segment called “Back to Basics”?   It’s all about a move of some people to downsize their stuff and live with “the basics”.

When we realize that God owns it all, and that true contentment comes from living God’s way, we may just discover a new way of life.

This week we are jumping back into those topics of stewardship and contentment:  God is Ruler Creator of all that we have…and we’re going to be hearing from Pastor Dave about some pretty practical steps in how to give back to God.

We also are planning on having one of our missionaries, Steve Kotlarczyk, come and share a ministry spotlight with us.

The worship team has also been preparing to lead us in worship.  We are looking at God as our Ruler Creator—in charge and in control of all we see.  All of creation is by His design and control.

In fact the book of Job tells us that:

If it were his intention

and he withdrew his spirit and breath,

all humanity would perish together

and mankind would return to the dust.

-Job 34:14-16

Here are a few of the songs the worship team will be sharing with you.  Click on the link (or paste to your browser) to hear the song and get your heart prepared to worship with us.

Indescribable—Laura Story (

Today is the Day—Lincoln Brewster (

Stronger—Hillsong (

God of the Ages—Charles Billingsley (

See you this weekend!

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