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In Sunday Preview on January 14, 2011 by The Spillover

What’s coming up this Sunday at Calvary?

Like always, service starts at 10:45.  Plan on getting here a few minutes early and grab a cup of Biggby coffee in the East lobby before you join us for worship.

Sunday is our last of a three week service series on stewardship.

Last week we looked at how some specifics of tithing (10%) and how that impacts our walk with God.  We saw a clip from Brian Williams and the NBC Nightly News segment Back to Basics.   Basically a movement of “less” is sweeping across our country.  We as believers have a call not just for “less” but for living with purpose.

This week we are jumping back into those topics of stewardship and contentment:  God is sovereign—meaning he is in control of all things.  All that we have comes from Him, he is Ruler Creator of all we see, and He is in control.  We will be hearing from Pastor Dave again about some pretty practical steps in how to live under this control of God in the area of our finances and “stuff”.

York Moore will also be sharing this Sunday about his participation in the Global World Missions Conference in Lausanne South Africa this past Fall.

We will also be sharing in the Lord’s Supper this week.  This is one of those highlights of our month as we share together in remembrance of the death and sacrifice of our Lord.

The worship team has also been preparing to lead us in worship.

Here are a few of the songs they will be sharing with you.  Click on the link (or paste to your browser) to hear the song and get your heart prepared to worship with us.

God of the Ages—Charles Billingsley (

Our God—Chris Tomlin (

In Christ Alone (

Hope to see you this weekend!

3 Responses to “Sunday Preview”

  1. Gotta give it up to Aaron for these Sunday Previews.

  2. I like that you share the songs and youtube links, especially for those that aren’t familiar with them. I’ve been asked before by other members where they can listen to the songs they hear on Sunday mornings and so it will be great in the future to direct them here. Thanks!

    • For sure! Knowing the songs in advance can be helpful…like today, I was able to be prepared with extra tissues for Chelsea (my wife) because I knew we’d be singing “In Christ Alone”.

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