Hard Truth

In Soul Food on January 26, 2011 by The Spillover

There is an abundance of “hard truth” in scripture. God does not mince words.

In the NT, Christ speaks with authority. He does not leave these things unclear to us.

He wants all of us, not some. The gate is narrow. Hell is real, and people are going there. If we’re ashamed of Him, He’ll be ashamed of us. Our love for family members must seem like hate when compared to our love for Him. It’s extremely hard for the rich to enter Heaven (read: we’re all rich compared to most of the world). Many will say to Him “Lord” and not enter Heaven. He will spit the lukewarm from His mouth. The list goes on.

These truths are not pretty, and they’re not convenient. It’s easy to go for “Gospel Light” and gloss over these, and countless other, hard truths.

Easy, but cowardly.

“Hard” is the adjective. It does not change the essence of the word “truth”. The fact that these truths are difficult does not make them any less true than the easier, more convenient ones.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, with our families, and with our God, we have no choice but to tackle these truths head-on. God can use these “hard truths” to inject urgency into our lives and to help us, in this comfortable place and time, to live for His purposes alone.

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