Wednesday Night Bible Study

In Calvary Info, Soul Food on January 27, 2011 by The Spillover

I cannot say enough about the Wednesday Night Bible Study with Pastor Dave (7:00-8:30, band room). It’s awesome. Great spiritual food in the middle of the week. Not milk, meat. Ribeye.

If you aren’t currently attending and have the time on Wednesdays, come check us out!

One Response to “Wednesday Night Bible Study”

  1. A regular at this group, Nabeel (or Nabil? forgive me) is from Egypt and from time to time fills us in on the turmoil happening over there. If you check the news today, you’ll see stories of the chaos that’s happening right now in Egypt. The government is blocking communication, there are violent riots breaking out, etc. Let’s pray for the people of Egypt. Things are crazy right now, especially for our brothers and sister in Christ.

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