Hagar Dinner

In Soul Food on January 31, 2011 by The Spillover

The Hagar dinner was awesome.

We as a church body have come face-to-face with the horror that is human trafficking.

For some of the people within the body of Calvary, this changes everything.

I know that many in the audience were as affected as  I was; also, I’m sure many had done some research on their own, prior to the dinner, as I had. I pray that God has used this occasion to motivate some of us to dig even deeper into this issue (heartbreaking as it may be to do so).

As we pray and sing to our God to “give us His eyes” and “let us see people as He sees them”, He offers us an invitation to do exactly that.

We feel the grief that God feels as we learn of His children being enslaved and sold as a commodity. Grown men “own” women and children and sell them every day, repeatedly, for monetary gain.

We cannot  proceed with our comfortable lives, unchanged, as though we never knew.

We cannot get fired up in the moment, only to let that passion wane as we continue on with our “regularly scheduled program”.

As long as the words “child” and “brothel” can be connected, we must be burdened. Passivity cannot trump God’s commands to us. We cannot let ourselves be overcome by comfort and apathy.

Our God has called some of us to this mission. We are needed by the least of these. I pray that by God’s grace and through the Holy Spirit, He will use Calvary to make a difference.

He can use us. And He will, if we let Him.

For some of us, it’s time to get uncomfortable.

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