I came across a cool quote from Kirk Cameron this morning.

The Christian life has been likened to a yo-yo. Up again, down again. Up again, down again. Sometimes we excitedly rise to new levels of closeness with God and holiness, and then we find ourselves descending once again into selfishness and sin. “Why” we ask. This pattern of up again, down again can be discouraging until we realize that the true child of God is not just a yo-yo, but like a yo-yo in the hand of a man climbing a staircase. Eventually, over time, he can see that while he still has highs and lows, even his lows are now higher than his old highs, and his new heights are far higher than he ever realized years ago. Thank God for His power not only to save you, but to change you.

Amen to that, Mike Seaver. Amen to that.

Posted February 1, 2011 by The Spillover

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