Progressive Regression

In Conversations on February 11, 2011 by The Spillover

Has anyone else noticed the a great paradox in today’s “social progressive” culture?

In the name of progress, evolution, and dynamic morals, these folks are actually working to bring the human race back to the “stone age”. They want us to be cave-men. Seriously, think about it.

In the name of “social progression”…

  • Women are constantly sexualized, as if that’s the source of their worth. Watch TV.
  • Men and women are to embrace and be proud of whatever sort of sexual deviance they fancy.
  • Sex is not sacred – on the contrary, it’s a casual hobby, and one you are to enjoy as often as you wish with as many partners as you choose.
  • Babies are not babies, they are a choice. If you don’t want one that you’ve been stuck with, just get rid of it. It’s just a casual thing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

The list goes on, of course.

So in the name of “social progress”, we have men and women meandering around like cave-people, hardly wearing any clothes, romping frequently (however and with whomever), and casually discarding unwanted offspring like the ancient Romans would get rid of a baby that was “unfit”.

Is this really the “evolution” of the human race, like they tell us?

Has anyone else noticed this?

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