In Soul Food on March 3, 2011 by The Spillover

I believe we are called, now more than ever, to do our part to help ignite a revival of authenticity within the church body.

Have you ever felt the same way? Don’t you feel like something’s missing in the church body?  And in the Western church in general?

During Sunday service, do you ever feel timid about worshipping God openly and recklessly? In small group or Bible study, are you hesitant to share openly and honestly? Can you look around at your fellow believers and confidently say that you’d lay down your life for one of them? Do you ever wonder if we’re worshipping “comfort”? Does “church” ever seem like a social event, a routine, or a gathering of friends, more than an opportunity to corporately connect via the Holy Spirit and breathe worship to the Creator of the universe?

Does the body of Christ in America seem kind of…hollow?

Where are the guts?

What’s inside?

Where’s the heart?

Where are the people who are like the handful of Christ’s apostles who CHANGED THE ENTIRE COURSE OF HUMAN HISTORY? Why aren’t we like them, living by Christ’s power alone and ready to lay down our lives for Him without a second’s hesitation?

Do you ever feel like a good portion of Christians are just playing a game called “church”?

How can this be a game?

And who are you or I to be so audacious as to question these things?

Committed Christians who are dead to themselves and who live solely for Christ have a responsibility to help squeeze this “game” out of their local church body. There’s only one way to do it.

We have to live…







authentic relationship with God (and Him alone) and a corporate church body existing to serve and glorify God (and Him alone).

We have to reject rituals done for rituals’ sake. We have to infuse every single aspect of our lives with Christ, so that those who “play church” will be confused by us. We have to beg God to empty us of ourselves so completely that we have no room, no time, and no patience for things done in His name that really have nothing to do with Him.

We all have to come to the inevitable conclusion, sooner or later, that this is not a game. This is real life. This is everything. This walk with Jesus is all that matters.

May God give us the audacity to strive toward authenticity within His Church.

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