For His Glory

In Soul Food on April 19, 2011 by The Spillover

God created man in His image for His glory. That means that all of our abilities were given to us by God, for a reason.

What reason? What’s the ultimate purpose?

To get into the best college? To make the most money? To be the best basketball player? To have the most friends? To be the best singer?


Not that there is anything wrong with being great at these things. There’s not. But God gave us our skills and attributes to point to His glory.  When someone is a fantastic baseball player, becomes rich and famous, and uses his platform to glorify himself, this is a gross misuse of his skills. This is not why God gave him the skills He gave him. This is worshiping oneself, the creature, instead of the Creator. If I may inject an understatement here: God does not like this.

God gave you specific skills and attributes. Why? To point to His glory. It’s easy for us to glory in our own skills, but we have to fight that urge. Smash it. We didn’t create ourselves; God created us. We must always, always point to Him.

It’s not just what God wants us to do…it’s the whole point of our existence.

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  1. love it.

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