Welcome to The Spillover

In Soul Food on April 24, 2011 by The Spillover

Welcome to the blog home of Calvary Baptist Church. This is a place for us to share ideas and interact in between Sundays.

You can expect new content about God and life pretty much daily, which will include articles, videos, sermon discussions, Sunday service previews, testimonies, questions, photos, quotes, music, Calvary info, challenges…and more. The comment section below each post is where we discuss and reflect. And occasionally get spammed.

If you come across something great at one of your regular online spots, pass it along so we can share it on The Spillover. Want to write a post, tell your story, or share in some other way?  Of course you do! Send stuff to This is a community forum – we want your input!

Take a look around. Leave a comment below (click on the title of the post or “comments” below the post) to say hi and let us know you’re here. Don’t be shy. If you want, you can subscribe by email (top of the page) and new posts will be emailed to you, and follow The Spillover on Twitter; we’ll tweet a link each time something new is posted.

It’s great to have you. Make yourself at home. And Happy Easter! All glory to our Risen King!

3 Responses to “Welcome to The Spillover”

  1. Hope everyone’s Easter is going great!

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