Bin Laden is Dead

In Conversations on May 2, 2011 by The Spillover

Osama bin Laden is dead. People across the world celebrated the fact that he met the business end of  a couple of special forces hollow-points.

I find myself in an awkward position. I’m happy bin Laden is not around to kill more innocent people, but I feel strange celebrating someone’s death and (assuming he didn’t give his life to Christ in his final days) sentencing by God.

God wishes that none would die without him. However, God loves justice and His anger blazes against those who love darkness.

For the child of God, what is the appropriate response to this news?

6 Responses to “Bin Laden is Dead”

  1. As an aside, it’s interesting to see how open people are to the idea of an eternal hell when someone like bin Laden is the topic of conversation.

  2. This is such a hard point to wrestle with. Especially for people like myself who were not raised as Christians, and with a sense of pride and protectiveness over my country. But, I found myself thinking soon after hearing the news that I am so glad that we serve the one TRUE God, and that he is fair, jealous, and just. For some reason those attributes came to me specifically. Because we know this, it is easier to let go of vengeance and anger (and do our best to respond in love), because we know that all will sit at the judgment seat of Christ. Can you imagine what an incredible witness it would have been if Bin Laden had converted to Christianity and denounced the Muslim religion to the entire world? Seems like a totally outlandish thought, but it would have been the preferred outcome I think.

    I am feeling a need to pray fervently for this country, and the Middle East, that peace will prevail after the recent events. Also, I am convicted of the fact that I live in a community with many lost souls, following false gods, and would be likely be terrified to talk with them about it. Maybe that’s part of the appropriate reaction… asking ourselves what we are doing to get the true message of God’s grace to these communities. So praise God for the EACH campaign, and I pray it will bring many many lives into relationship with our loving, forgiving, just, and fair Judge.

  3. Side note: I picked this up on facebook and loved it (copied from a friend):
    “I can only think of one death that brought the world peace…and we celebrated that a week ago.”

  4. i don’t think any life that ends in hell should be celebrated.

  5. How can I, as a christian, celebrate someone (anyone) being eternally separated from God? That is the question I am struggling with through this whole thing.

    • Exactly. But then I wonder, which would I choose if it were up to me…OBL alive or OBL dead? If it were your call to storm the compound or not…what would you have done? I think most would choose justice. I can’t rejoice about someone being in hell, but I can rejoice that God is perfect and just…and the fact that I deserve hell like Osama but God saved me from it ultimately points to His glory.

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