The American Dream

In Sermon Spillover, Soul Food on May 3, 2011 by The Spillover

The American dream tells us that no matter who we are…no matter where we come from…no matter what might limit us…we can achieve success if we work hard enough and let nothing stop us.

That’s why it would offend most people to hear that they cannot earn their way into Heaven.

But if you think about it, if we were able to earn our way into Heaven, what does that imply?

It means that if you’ve worked hard enough – done enough “good deeds” or “righteous acts” – that God owes Heaven to you.

God does not owe anything to anybody. Who could argue that? How could the maker of the galaxies be indebted to puny little you and me? That makes no sense.

It only makes sense that His creation which has accepted His form of atonement – which was initiated and fulfilled by Him, for His glory – would be acceptable to Him.

His world. His universe. His creation. His rules.

It’s not, “God, I’ve done all these great things, you owe it to me to let me into Heaven to I can be in bliss for all of eternity”. Hogwash.

It’s “God, I can do nothing of my own accord. I’m a lost sinner and I deserve Hell. By your amazing grace you’ve provided a way for me to be reconciled to you and I accept it…and I’ll spend the rest of my earthly life serving you out of love and gratitude. All I want to do for the rest of eternity is worship you.”

God’s way flies in the face of the culture in which we were raised.

Grace cannot be earned. Thank God for that.

2 Responses to “The American Dream”

  1. Love this – how simple a thought – but how profound.

    • Thanks. I think it’s tough for anyone *not* to view things through an “ethnocentric” lens. Even Christians with regards to the gospel. But the truth is that the gospel isn’t limited by our specific place and time. Thank God for that too!

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