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In Sunday Preview on May 6, 2011 by The Spillover

So have you figured out what your 2 word story is yet?  I was hunting around on youtube looking for links for the songs for this week’s music (bottom of this post) and I saw a bunch of 2wordstory testimonies on youtube.  Has anyone put their 2wordstory online somewhere for us to go and see?

This week at Calvary we will be talking about trust.

Trust? Trust.

We will be looking at Esther and how her life of trust in God enabled her to be used by God in a miraculous way.  The Jewish celebration of Purim is a celebration of God’s activities that took place in the life of Esther and the nation of Israel.

How is your trust in God today?

The secret is if you trust God, he can use you to change the world.

The problem comes when we don’t have enough courage to do what we feel God has called us to do.  When God puts us in a role and calls us to a task we sometimes get overwhelmed with circumstances.  We fear for our future and we have trouble trusting in God with the things we can’t control or see.

While most of us wrestle with this tension, it was certainly true for Esther.  Mordecai convinced Esther that she was in her role for a purpose and a reason.  Esther didn’t know the outcome of her role, but she trusted God…and boy did He work a great miracle in her life.

The secret is trust.  Trust God to take care of you.

Here are some of the songs we’re doing on Sunday.  Click on the link and take a listen and get your heart prepared to worship our Savior this week.

Trust? Trust.

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  1. If you want to share your 2wordstory on The Spillover, email Just share your word and the story behind it, and we’ll post it.

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