Our Ilk

In Soul Food on May 10, 2011 by The Spillover

This painting is called The Christian Martyrs’ Last Prayer. It depicts some of our early brothers and sisters in Christ, what the Gospel meant to them, and what it cost them.

During some of the great persecutions against Christians, watching them die in terrible ways was entertainment for the citizenry. Like the Super Bowl, if you will. Christians who would not deny Christ were led to violent and public deaths.

Check out the painting.

Huge crowds cheering. Men crucified and burned. People half-charred; dead and dying, hanging on crosses.

And the group in the middle, praying.


They’re placed in that group as the main event, to be torn to pieces by the hungry beasts emerging from below. While tens of thousand watch and cheer.

This post is not meant to make you sad, or ruin your appetite, or press the boundaries of taste.

This post is a reminder of our ilk. These are our people: Christians. Our family.

The Jesus they would not deny is the Jesus we worship today. The God who led them to glory after their deaths is the God who asks for our life today.

Just as we remember our blood ancestors, so also we must remember our spiritual ancestors who paved the way for the Gospel to be heard by us. And we must never, never forget what they suffered for God’s glorious Gospel. May it compel us forward, boldly and confidently. And may it convict us the next time we think we’re suffering for the Gospel.

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