Sunday Preview

In Sunday Preview on May 13, 2011 by The Spillover

Forgiven? Forgiven.

This 2 word story has been in our yard for the past week…I love the reminder that it is to our neighbors, but also to me as I drive to and from home every day.

What does forgiveness mean to you?

This Sunday we are looking at a character that was forgiven much…Zaccheus.

Most of us have a problem with forgiveness and the only problem bigger than forgiving others is forgiving ourselves.  Based on our past mistakes, we wonder how anyone can forgive us.  If we haven’t been given forgiveness, then it’s that much harder to give it.

We also demand apologies in order to approach the subject.

Zaccheus must have been thinking these things when interacting with Jesus.  Jesus introduced him to the secret of unconditional forgiveness.

The key for us is knowing that God first gives it to us and our response is to turn around and to give it to others.  No one would have ever predicted it, but Zaccheus turned out to be our model in this area.  He never expected Jesus to forgive him, but He did.  And he forgives us in the same way.  We should turn right around and give unconditional forgiveness to others.

Join us this Sunday as look into the forgiveness that Christ brings to each of us.

Here are some of the songs we’re doing on Sunday.  Click on the link and take a listen and get your heart prepared to worship our Savior this week.

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