Absolute Truth

In Perspective, Seekers on May 16, 2011 by The Spillover

Absolute truth exists as an independent entity.
It is not reliant upon your personal life experiences, opinions, or input.
Your feelings and emotions do not cause it to sway or bend.
For one to maintain disbelief or apathy toward Jesus Christ as the only Savior by which sinful man can be reconciled to Almighty God because of a certain series of events in their life is nonsensical.
Absolute truth does not ebb and flow based upon feelings.
Your experiences in life can provide you with a personal straw-man case against God, but they do nothing to negate His existence or His longing for you to be reconciled to Him.
Your perspective in life can be a vantage point from which you view truth, or it can be a smudge on your glasses which you refuse to wipe clean.
Barriers and challenges in life can be convenient excuses which will go up in smoke, or they can be adornments on your testimony of a life lived for the gospel of Christ.
The truth was the Truth, is the Truth, and always will be the Truth, whether you accept or deny it.
This fact is either eternity’s greatest tragedy or eternity’s greatest comfort.
Your choice.

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