The Problem With Calvary Baptist Church

In Perspective on June 13, 2011 by The Spillover

The problem with Calvary Baptist Church is the same problem you’ll find in marriages.
It’s the same reason friendships are destroyed, and businesses fail, and families are torn apart.
The problem is that all of these institutions are made up of people.
And people are messed up.
Can you deny it? Can anyone?
What if we wrote on a piece of paper every single detail about ourselves we could think of that would fall under the category of “messed up”. Think of it.
Every sin struggle, every carnal thought tendency, every fabricated motive, every way we fall short in our daily walk with Christ.
Then what if we all got together in a big room and, one by one, shared all of these faults with each other.
What would we think of each other once the meeting was over (a year later)?
Would we hate each other? Would we be afraid to look each other in the eye?
Or would we finally all get it, that we’re all messed up sinners who are desperately in need of a perfect Savior every single day?
Who knows.
We do know this, though: messed up people like us are capable of being rotten.
We’re capable of heinous offense toward each other and God.
But somehow, for some divine reason, the Lord uses people like us to showcase His awesome glory and grace.
He rescues messed up people.
He fixes selfish spouses, humbles proud friends, and delivers families from themselves.
He reaches down into the sewer and picks up His children, brushes them off, and breathes into their lungs pure motives rooted in love for others.
Despite all of our natural inclinations.
Even when it seems impossible.
Does not hell even speak of His unimaginable glory, and the baffling love it took for our Savior to go to the cross?
And what occupies the majority of our time, thoughts, and energy?
The problem with Calvary Baptist Church is us.
If we humble ourselves before God Almighty and seek to serve each other before we seek to throw rocks at each other, He can use us more powerfully than we ever imagined He would.
If we go to God and admit that we’re incapable of considering our fellow Christian more important than ourselves because of his taste in music, dress, or Bible translation and we need His help to do so, then He can use us.
But we have to own the fact that we’re messed up.
Otherwise we’re just playing a dress-up.
I can’t help but wonder, though…
is getting honest with each other and God just a fairy-tale?
Is this just wishful thinking from a 27-year-old who hasn’t been around long enough to know how things really work?
Maybe.  But if so, I’ll be content in the fact that I’m blissfully ignorant.
Because there’s a world outside Calvary’s four walls that is dying.
And I know that our God is bigger than our problem.

2 Responses to “The Problem With Calvary Baptist Church”

  1. Great insight, and a perspective that I agree with completely.

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