Enemies of the Cross

In Perspective on June 16, 2011 by The Spillover

Anti-Christian sentiment is popular these days. Have you noticed?

Case in point: A guy tweeted an image yesterday and it was shared so many times that it became a “Top Tweet”. He tweeted “We must protect the sanctity of marriage, as laid out in the Bible” and then this image:

When faced with misleading anti-Christ propaganda like this, I find myself hurled through several stages of reaction. Right away comes frustration. It frustrates the life out of me that people toss around false ideas like this in such a nonchalant and reckless way. Not just because this is untrue and leads people away from Christ, but also because people spreading ideas like this claim to be intellectuals, when all it takes is to open the Bible for yourself to easily debunk the claim behind this infographic. Claiming that the Bible condones each “family” in the image is the same thing as claiming that history teachers condone the Holocaust because they teach about it.

In a college class one time a had a discussion with a gay fellow about the Bible. He was belligerent and claimed that if I am against gay marriage then I should also be against wearing mixed fabrics, because that’s also “in the Bible”. He called me a hypocrite. But do you think he cared one bit about the facts in the explanation I gave him as to why he was completely incorrect and had no idea what he was talking about? Of course not. It was very frustrating, knowing that if he’d just listen to me he would get an explanation that would shine some light on his false belief. But I learned that often times, people don’t want to know the truth, they just want to know enough to support their worldview. To someone who is anti-Christ, facts are brushed aside and laughed at. They think that mocking a Christian is the same thing as proving him wrong.

When we’re faced with people or issues like this, the quick reaction is to say “ARE YOU SERIOUS? DO YOU KNOW HOW WRONG YOU ARE?? PICK. UP. A. BIBLE. AND. LOOK. FOR. YOURSELF!”. This is what our instincts tell us to say. But sometimes this is the least effective way to have a Kingdom impact on someone who is incredulous about Christ. Often times the best rebuttal is simply LOVE. People (like the person I used to be) who delight in mocking Christianity many times have a chip on their shoulder and care nothing about learning the truth. Though their arguments and logic might steer you to think otherwise, they’re usually not dumb, either. They’re just blind. Satan blinds them. And generous doses of pure, unexpected, undeserved love and generosity go a long way to help heal their vision.

Very often enemies of the cross don’t need an argument, they just need grace. We’ve been given so much by our Savior, we certainly have plenty to spare.

2 Responses to “Enemies of the Cross”

  1. Right. Because all those things that are literally stated in the Bible, specifically the OT, should just be ignored if they don’t fit with your worldview. Because you know better than God, you know which of His laws are true and should be obeyed, and which ones He was only joking.

    I’m sorry, you don’t get to cherry-pick your morals.

  2. Thanks for your comment David. I certainly don’t know anything better than God. The problem here is that people with only a passing knowledge of the Bible think that because something is “stated in the Bible” that it’s always supposed to be a mandate or example for people to follow. As if the Bible is just a really long list of do’s and don’t’s. It says a lot of things in the Bible in a lot of different contexts. Plenty of people in the Bible committed murder, adultery, and all other sorts of sins. And the Bible “literally states” that those offenses happened. It doesn’t mean that the Bible condones them. Quite the opposite, actually.

    People who don’t want to take the time to understand the facts will say things like, “God was only joking when he said that”. But that’s just intellectually dishonest. He wasn’t “joking” – you have to look at the context of everything. Several times in the OT, God commanded people to kill other people. That doesn’t mean it’s an over-arching command for everyone to kill people. You tell Christians that they’re “cherry-picking what doesn’t fit with their worldview” when in fact, and I do mean in fact, it’s what *you* are doing. You’re creating fairy-tale syntax through which to understand the Bible. You’re cherry-picking based on your worldview.

    Thanks for your comment, again. I hope I wasn’t wrong to reply with these points instead of just grace 🙂 In all seriousness, though, check into this. If you look honestly, I promise you, you will be surprised.

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