Your Business Plan

In Perspective on June 17, 2011 by The Spillover

I’m a business fanatic, and have been for a while. For better or worse, I view plenty of things in life through that lens.

I’m a sales guy, and have been for a while. I can’t help but view things in life through that lens.

I’m a Christian, and have been for a while. I love to view everything in life through that lens.

Great businesses don’t engage consumers with what they expect. They defy the status quo and take risks. People can’t help but be attracted to them.

Great salespeople are professional servers. They draw people toward them and make others want to interact with them. They go the extra mile –  every time – to make sure the customer is loved.

Whether or not you know it, you’re a businessperson and a salesperson. It just so happens you have the greatest business and sell the most incredible product that could ever be conceived.

Don’t engage people with what they expect; they’ve heard it a million times (and it didn’t convince them). Defy the status quo when you share Jesus. Take risks. Represent your business in a way that attracts people to it.

Be a professional server. Live it, every hour of every day. Make it your sales mantra. Make people want to interact with you because of your hunger to serve. Go the extra mile to make sure your customer *knows* they are loved.

Great businesses and great salespeople don’t confine themselves to brick-and-mortar business-as-usual follow-the-rulebook mediocrity. Now, go out and be great.

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