Basic Truth

In Perspective, Soul Food on July 6, 2011 by The Spillover

We’re not doing God any favors when we proclaim His glory. What we’re doing is aligning ourselves with the most basic truth in the universe.

When we humble ourselves before the cross, realize our broken state, submit to Jesus, and worship God above all else (including and especially ourselves), we’re not just lifting Him up – we’re putting ourselves in the proper place from which we can rightly understand the world.

On the other hand…

When we’re consumed with ourselves, obsessed with worldly tasks, and longing for approval from others, we’re held hostage by a lie. The lie is that we’re the center of the universe. The lie is that we’re more important than anyone or anything else and our comfort and desires should be top priority.

As awkward and self-defeating as it is to live for our own glory, it comes rather natural to all humans. It’s an innate, sinful calibration of the human heart which leads us to ruin if left unchecked.

We love compromise. We hate embarrassment. We long for approval. We want to believe that we can find our own way. We need instant gratification. We want recognition. We don’t care if God is glorified through our lives…

Spoiler alert: God *will* be glorified through all things and by all things. God will be glorified. God can’t not be glorified. He is the very essence of glory and supremacy. It makes no sense to deny God’s glory, or to take an apathetic stance toward Him. It doesn’t change the fact of who He is.

The truth is right in front of us, in plain sight. We have the choice to align ourselves with it, or to refuse to do so. But whichever way we choose will not change the essence of God. We need Him, not the other way around.

With or without our permission, God will be glorified.

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