Radically Dependent

In Perspective on July 7, 2011 by The Spillover

The old saying, “God helps those who help themselves” is bologna.

God helps those who know that they can’t help themselves.

We need to be consciously, actively, radically dependent on God every day of our lives. This can be extremely tough. Security and comfort are virtues we all seek after, myself included. Our society is rooted in the pursuit of material accomplishment.

To be seriously dependent on God does not happen by chance.

It happens when we put ourselves in a position where we’re in trouble if God doesn’t come through. When we’ll put our money, our health, our safety, our ego, our reputation, and our comfort on the line to take risks for God to be glorified, then we are tapping into the power that raised Christ from the dead.

In my life, I’ve been afraid to stick my neck out for God because of the chance of personal embarrassment should He not come through in the way I hoped. The risk of looking like a fool (or a “religious zealot”) is very real and very uncomfortable.

But God knows that.

He just wants us to trust Him.

Let’s strive to be radically dependent on God today.

Control is an illusion that we don’t have to live under. If we’re being honest with ourselves, at this very second we’re radically dependent on God for our next breath. Let’s give Him the credit He deserves and trust Him with more than we want to.

And maybe even stick our necks out for him. Maybe even today.

3 Responses to “Radically Dependent”

  1. Thx for the great challenge & reminder, Adam. I’ll be sharing from the Word along these same lines during this Sunday’s talk at Calvary. We’ll be looking at Luke 12:13-34, which includes the Parable of the Rich Fool and Jesus’ call to seek His Father’s kingdom — first, foremost, always. Completely true, but way tough, don’t ya think? How’re some of you doing in living this out? Love to hear from you, whether you’re kinda struggling or kinda succeeding. Later.

  2. For me this is one of the ultimate challenges in life. I feel like I have to constantly against my natural urges to rely on myself. This is because I’m human, of course, but also because I’ve been known as somewhat of a control freak.

    At least for me, if I stop swimming upstream I start floating away from reliance on God and floating toward the mirage that I can control my own life. It’s a constant struggle.

  3. That was supposed to be constantly *fight*. More coffee please.

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