When God Saved Me

In Perspective, Soul Food on July 19, 2011 by The Spillover

When God saved me,  I was a young man, and my life played out inside a small, dark box. It was constrictive, stale, rigid, and pitch black. Not a source of light to be found. I could reach all of the walls without moving. On occasion I would trace my hands along every square centimeter of wall inside my box – left, front, right, top, bottom – searching for some sensation other than pitch black darkness, hollow silence, and flat, cold walls. Though I’d never look behind me. I didn’t dare search the wall behind me – nobody did that. Inside your box, you only face one direction. When the absence of light dismayed me, I’d remember the words of others. They’d told me the insides of their boxes were pitch black, too. And small, and cramped. It’s just how it was.

Day after day, there I was. I found it all a bit curious at times. There I was in my little box, spending my days staring into the darkness. Just like everyone else. My box belonged to me by random chance. Just the way the universe worked itself out.

And then, one day, something happened.

For one split second, it seemed like a glimmer of light landed on the wall in front of me. At least I thought so. I couldn’t be sure. Maybe the years of darkness had weakened my mind. I’d heard that this could happen.

But then, I heard something. Out of the flat silence, a whisper:

“Adam, turn around”.

I thought I must have been hallucinating. Light? A voice? Nobody ever told me this would happen. What was going on? Voices in my head telling me to turn around? I couldn’t dare do it. Even considering that I might turn around was proof to me – I was getting weak. Nobody looked behind them. I was supposed to do what everyone else did: stay in the comfortable darkness of my box, and be content with what I had.

Stay put. Be content.

As these thoughts raced through my mind, the voice came again, piercing the dark silence.

“Adam, turn around.”

I had to uncover the source of this interruption. No matter what I’d been told before. It was too much to ignore.

Even though I was afraid, I obeyed the voice. Slowly I began to turn around toward the back wall I’d never dreamed of feeling, never dreamed of touching. What would it feel like? Would it be as smooth and cold as the others? My brain was on fire. Every fiber of my being screamed at me to stop turning, to be sensible, to stay put!

But I couldn’t stop turning. The voice, the light, it was all too much to brush aside.

So I kept turning, slowly but surely toward the back wall. I kept my head down and clenched my eyes shut. What was I doing?!

But it was too late. I had turned around. I couldn’t believe it. I found myself facing a direction I’d never faced before. I kept my head down and my eyes closed. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Years and years of normalcy had just been thrown out the window.

I kept my eyes shut and stretched out my right arm to feel the back wall for the first time.

But I didn’t feel a wall. No back wall? Was my box bigger than I’d been told?

I had to know.

I opened my eyes…






No wall. My box was open. I couldn’t believe it. In an instant I realized that I had been tricked all those years. This whole time, my box has been open!

In front of me was an entire world I had never seen before, stretching further than my eyes could see. Light and life was springing forth from every atom.

I took my first step out of the small, dark box.

I was free.

3 Responses to “When God Saved Me”

  1. Awesome.

  2. Great story on how you see How God Saved You! Love it!
    As I read it I hear and feel how it rings so tru to so many existing Believers and Followers of Christ too. With so many things we have been trained to believe but are not truly from Jesus. We place God in these boxes we form…i think alot of times becasue we lack the faith to believe he is so much bigger….
    Break us out of our boxes Lord:)

  3. Thanks guys!

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