If there is to be in our celestial garment but one stitch of our own making we are all of us lost.

Charles Spurgeon

Posted July 27, 2011 by The Spillover

2 Responses to “Amen”

  1. Since one aspect to our earthly existence is that it is a dress rehearsal, a trial run, a practice, if you will, for our “celestial” (don’t hear that word much anymore, thx Mr. Spurgeon…and Adam!) destiny, let’s ask & allow God to begin &/or continue removing that which still remains of us – even while we’re still following & serving him on this side of eternity!

  2. Very good point Dave! And great addition the this quote. Thank God He has eternity in His hands (and we don’t), and by His grace we can move closer and closer to Christ-likeness while we’re here on earth.

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