Let’s Pray for our Pastors

In Prayer Requests on August 3, 2011 by The Spillover

Here are some guidelines from a pastor as to how he asks people to pray for him.

As we submit to the spiritual authority of our Calvary Baptist pastors and leaders, let’s keep them soaked in our prayers, day and night. My CBC siblings – let’s pray for our pastors and leaders today, by name, using these guidelines.

  1. That the gospel would be the focal point of my life and identity – not manhood, not being a husband, not being a father, not being a pastor, but who I am in Christ.
  2. That I would not fear man by desiring the admiration of people; that the Lord’s “Well done” would be ever before my eyes.
  3. That the Lord would not allow me to go long between repentances; that I would keep short accounts with him and be sensitive to and ruthless with my sin.
  4. That I would continue to grow in the character qualities of the man of God (1 Tim 3:1-72 Tim 2:22-26Titus 1:5-9).
  5. That I would have a consistent, powerful, diligent life of private prayer; that I would grow in my dependence on the Holy Spirit.
  6. That the Lord would give me great diligence in study and sermon preparation, making the most of my time.
  7. That my preaching and teaching ministry would be empowered by the Holy Spirit; that the Lord would effect real change in our lives through it; and that by it we would be more endeared to Christ.
  8. That I would boldly and faithfully and humbly and joyfully and intentionally share the gospel with the non-Christians in my social orbit.
  9. That I would see Jesus as supremely valuable, my greatest treasure, and as my dear friend.

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