Drowning Safely

In Perspective, Soul Food on August 9, 2011 by The Spillover

I’m a Twitter guy. I follow John Piper. He can fit some serious depth into 140 characters. I came across this tweet of his and wanted to share it:

After calming the sea he said, “Why are you afraid?” Not because Christians never drown. But they are safe in drowning.

Wow. OK, Piper. Maybe we should limit you to 50 characters so you’ll stop making me write blog posts after reading your tweets.

But let’s get at what he’s saying here…

Why am I afraid? Why are you afraid? The reality is that the fear of so many things that cripple us is unfounded, given the proper perspective. Jesus Christ, at no small cost, has purchased our freedom from fear. He has bought our eternities with his blood. Our eternal relationship with God Himself is already as sure as if we we had died 20 years ago and at this very moment were basking in the warmth of His glory. I have to remind myself of this fact more than the average person. But it’s as true as truth itself.

So why are we afraid of drowning?
Why are you afraid of your depression?
Why are you afraid of your diabetes?
Why are you afraid of your son’s asthma?
Why are you afraid of your eating disorder?
Why are you afraid of your coming surgery?
Why are you afraid of your weak heart?
Why are you afraid of your cancer?
Why are we afraid of anything?

We can face our problems with confidence. In the big picture, the “worst thing” we face is death. For the follower of Christ, the beautiful irony is that when we meet death, it will be the greatest moment we have ever experienced.

8 Responses to “Drowning Safely”

  1. really awesome post. I cannot imagine living without my Jesus in my heart.

  2. I shared this quote with a coworker who is going in for a battery of heart tests tomorrow and may be facing surgery.

  3. death is frightening becuz we weren’t designed for it. it’s never what God intended. sin brought death.

    watching cancer kill my husband opened my eyes to the ravages of sin.

    and watching him die opened my eyes to safely drowning.

    drowning is terrible. drowning safely is another thing altogether. it’s hard to find the words.
    but it makes all the difference.


    A wonderful, mysterious, good Savior.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your incredible perspective with us. I don’t know if I’ve ever met you, but my family has prayed for you more times than I could count.

  4. i’ve never met you either, but had dinner with your wife and neighbors. have been friends with steve & debbie for many years. i think you stood us up for a golf game ;o)

  5. oh. and thank you for praying. thank you sounds small and little and inadequate. but i know it has been the intercessory prayers of the body of Christ that has enabled us to see God’s fingerprints all over the place these last 20 months of our lives. when we couldn’t feel Him, we could see Him. when we couldn’t see Him, we could feel Him. when we couldn’t feel OR see Him, the Holy Spirit spoke truth to our minds and hearts and that truth carried us until we could feel and see again.

    thank you.

  6. It was certainly our pleasure.

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