Addicted to Inspiration

In Being Real on August 12, 2011 by The Spillover

I have a rather paradoxical fear that I might become addicted to inspiration. More specifically, that I might allow inspirational content to satisfy the desire in my heart to create tangible change in the world for God’s kingdom. I love reading; I love learning; I love quotes; I love to be inspired. What I fear is a reliance upon them in order to be spurred on, and I fear that the feeling of inspiration might become the end game of my actions.

If this were to become reality for any of us, it would be tragic.

It would be better for us to put down the laptop, throw the iPhone away, deactivate Twitter and Facebook, and throw away every book we own rather than to let them hold us hostage and cause us to pursue an emotional high instead of godly action.

Let’s not get stuck in the huddle while the game’s being played.

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