We Need You

In Calvary Baptist Church on September 26, 2011 by The Spillover

Pastor Dave’s words moved me yesterday. I can’t stop thinking about his sermon, and about Calvary Baptist Church in general. Not the “institution”, not the “building”, but the FAMILY. Calvary Baptist Church is a group of people who are my family. If you’re a member, the same is true for you. God has placed on my heart this idea that yesterday was some sort of “turning point”.

You know, one way or another, that CBC is in the process of navigating through some hardships.

Instead of talking, speculating, gossiping, wondering, and worrying about our issues, I have a better idea. I’m going to PRAY for Calvary, like I’ve never prayed for Calvary before. And I want you to join me.

Together we’re going to draw a line in the sand. Like Dave talked about yesterday – there is no half-stepping in this Christian walk. None. Therefore, there is no half-stepping in supporting our church family in prayer. NONE.

I repent for my lack of prayer for my CBC family, and I invite you to do the same. In Jesus’ name.

If you are “all in” for Jesus Christ and you are a member of Calvary Baptist Church, I need to know no other detail about you to know that you are my brother or sister, I love you, and I want to join with you to shape the future of our family. Age, race, appearance, sex…nothing. I don’t care. We’re in this together.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

Commit to praying for Calvary Baptist Church for 15 minutes per day, every day this week. Let your commitment be known publicly by leaving a comment below saying “I’m in”.

We’re on the right path. We’re moving forward as a family. Satan must no longer get the joy of seeing us quarrel over pettiness. He’s nervous about what he’s seeing. Dave’s sermon yesterday terrified him, I guarantee it.

Calvary Baptist Church in Canton, Michigan, belongs to JESUS CHRIST.

Help us reclaim our family, for His glory.

Join us.

77 Responses to “We Need You”

  1. I’M IN.

  2. I’m in.

  3. I’m in, too.

  4. I am in!!

  5. I pray for unity…I pray for peace…I pray that God would show each of us how to spite our own preferences to see His name glorified at CBC above all else!

  6. A resounding amen to that!! I’m praying the same and will look forward to watching God work. As this Wednesday is “See You At The Pole” I will also encourage our students to pray for our churches as well. We’ll be praying for our schools, students, faculty and for God to move on our various campuses. However, we want & need the church to be strong as we send out our “student missionaries” to follow God’s call for them at their schools. Thanks for the awesome reminder and may God begin to do the things that only He can can do!

  7. I’m in…

  8. I’m in

  9. I’m in

  10. We’re in

  11. I’m in.

  12. I’m in. Complacency Out. Fear flee. Tuning a deaf ear to the negative. Trusting God to bring revival in all of our hearts and at CBC. He is able. All in!

  13. I’m in

  14. in!

  15. We’re in! Calvary is God’s church, not ours or anyone elses. We trust God to govern change — He’s good at it. Dave & Liz Givens

  16. We are in!

  17. Tweeted by @BurkParsons today!

    “The gospel of Jesus Christ necessarily and naturally leads to an all-of-life encompassing, Christ-following religion.”

  18. Help spread the word about this prayer movement, everyone. Send a little note, email, tweet, fb post, etc…let’s see God lead a bunch more folks to be “in” on this thing! peace.

  19. We’re in – it was good to hear the sermon yesterday.

  20. I’m in! And thanks Adam for your sensitivity to the Spirit of God. I frequently read your blog entries but rarely comment, and I’m sure there are many more like me. So please be encouraged by this and keep feeding us.

  21. John and Donna are in!

  22. I’m IN — thank you for the nudge!

  23. Laura and I are “IN”

  24. I’m in. Thanks Adam!

  25. I’m in. Even though we’re farther away, you’re still family.


  27. We are in too! Kevin & Kristine

  28. Thanks so much, everyone, for committing to prayer. Let’s keep watching this page – even though there are more recent posts, feel free to add your voice to this comment section! To God be all the glory, forever, and may He move powerfully through CBC to change all of us.

  29. Keep spreading the word, everyone! Tell ur peeps in small group, ABF, Bible Studies, etc. to visit The Spillover, read the “We Need You” post and commit to prayer. God can and will turn the tide and win the day…peace.

  30. IN

  31. Keep them coming!

  32. We’re in.

  33. I’m in!

  34. The Hesses are so in.

  35. We’re in!

  36. Hotts are IN. Love to all in Jesus, at whose name the powers of darkness are guess what? Powerless!

  37. Dan and Lauretta Arbitter are all in

  38. Brian and Liz Dangelo are IN!

  39. Scott and Cindy Byers are in.

  40. I’m in..

  41. This pic sums it up! (sent to me by Kristen Kreiner)
    /Users/daveriddle/Desktop/following jesus pic.jpg

  42. OOPS! Can’t get the pic I wanted to post.

  43. Fulks are in

  44. Huffs are in.

  45. We are all in! Joyfully, Expectantly, Humbly trusting

  46. This is beautiful…Praise God! All of us praying together for the same thing is a powerful force, by God’s grace!

  47. Peter, Michele, Marisa and Paul Pfister
    We’re In!

  48. Malcolms… IN!

  49. Lindbergs………IN

  50. The Moore Family = IN!

  51. We are in prayer too.

  52. We are in, too!
    ~David & Jill Gregory

  53. Zandees are IN! And praying for our Elders and their retreat this weekend. May we be Unified, walking in step, and in the same direction. Go CBC- let’s make a difference for Jesus in SE Michigan.

  54. Im in.

  55. Flora’s are in!

  56. The Russell’s are IN!

    The body of Christ at Calvary has been and will alway be a part of our prayers!

  57. we are in

  58. We’re in!

  59. Feel free to add your name to this list at any time. Pretty soon I’m going to put a link to this page on the top of the site so it’ll be static. Keep them coming, folks!

    Also, make sure to check the blog on Sunday (tomorrow) for another dimension we’re adding to our spiritual war for our family.

    Love you guys!

  60. […] are tons of people praying for Calvary, every day. If you haven’t yet, please add your name to the list and join […]

  61. IN.

  62. I’m in!

  63. I’m in

  64. Kraig & Loren are in!

  65. Kim, Dave & Ben are in, too.

  66. thx SO MUCH for ur prayers for God to mold cbc into true Jesus-followers, everyone! plz continue to spread the word, ok? thx again! peace.

  67. We’re in!

  68. Absolutely! Jen & George Krause are happily IN!!

  69. Fasting and Praying today……….

  70. Sitting at home for a change praying and fasting – just some coffee to keep me alert. Normally at work but have day off for MLK holiday. Just read some of his quotes. Our Life Groups would please Dr King I believe. Enriching our care for each other and our world is what he was all about. I am praying that the upcoming Haiti trip will cause me to care more for my family, community and world. Couldn’t partipate in the training because of two work trips, and conflict with Sparks ministry on Wed nights.

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