Our Shameful Heritage

on September 30, 2011 by The Spillover


3 Responses to “Our Shameful Heritage”

  1. “consistently & totally evil…” not only my heritage, but also who I am at my core. that’s y I love singing this: “Oh, praise the One who paid my debt and raised my life up from the dead!” he did that for this wrecked out, twisted up, gone-way-more-than-sideways sinner. crazy. love.

  2. Digesting and really understanding the truth in the picture above makes God’s rescue mission to us that much crazier. And in response, logically, nothing would make sense but to give my whole life back to Him, without reservation.

    God is so great.

  3. whenever i read that account, i can’t help but wonder if noah’s generation could possibly have been any more evil than we are now in 2011. it’s hard to conceive. and, yes, it makes His forgiveness and grace impossible to conceive or describe.

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