Counterfeit Gospels – 1950s Style

In Links on October 4, 2011 by The Spillover

This blog post from Trevin Wax is the best piece I’ve read in a while. “The Evil One’s bag of tricks is surprisingly small”. Take 5 minutes and read about how, when it comes to counterfeit gospels, there’s nothing new under the sun.

2 Responses to “Counterfeit Gospels – 1950s Style”

  1. Excellent. Just this evening in our study of John, Kay Arthur (on video) discussed the meaning of glory and it’s relation to Jesus and God the Father. Glory comes from the Greek, “doxa,” which comes from “dokea,” meaning “to signify an opinion, to seem.” She fleshed it out by pointing that “Jesus was the glory of the Father,” so in other words he gave us the correct estimate of the Father by His very life. By seeing what Jesus was like, we have a good opinion of the Father. So it is with believers–our lives should glorify Christ, that is, give a correct picture of him. If people are following Christ because of some self-serving view, then the glory is lost. It’s an incorrect estimation of the Father and the Son.

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