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In Perspective, Quick Thought, Soul Food on October 4, 2011 by The Spillover

The realization that God not only provided a way (at His own expense) for us to be reconciled to Him, but that He also chose each individual believer to be the benefactor of His sacrifice, is the heart of authentic joy, worship, and mission. Once this truth takes up residence in our hearts, wonder and amazement fill us to the top until pure worship spills over and shapes a longing to be obedient to God and to see Him glorified.¬†Intentionally seeking God’s glorification will effectively calibrate one’s entire life and align it to God’s original intention in creating us. But the seed from which a fruitful life grows is utter amazement at the fact that God first chose us. If you’ve found the Christian life to be a bit hollow, stop, go back, and make sure you’ve grasped the enormity of this truth.

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