Religion vs. Jesus

In Perspective on October 7, 2011 by The Spillover

The world is full of religions. Religion isn’t worth a whole lot; it and $1 will get you a McDouble at McDonald’s.
The trouble with religion is this:
The religions of the world were founded by a person, or people. Those people instituted ideologies and schools of thought, and initiated other people to follow.
Then, those people died. And stayed dead.
Jesus, on the other hand, did not introduce a new “religion” into the world. No, not at all.
What He did was this: He claimed to be the Son of God; equal to the Father; the propitiation for the sins of mankind; Lord of lords and King of kings; and the only path by which any man can come to the Father.
That’s entirely different than purveying a life philosophy.
Jesus came as the fulfillment of every great and glorious promise made by God to men.
And to prove it, He displayed His power in various ways.
And for goodness sake, He walked out of the grave after dying a public, heinous death.
There is more proof for the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth than there is for most events pre-Christ that you learn as fact in Academia.
But this truth is infinitely more important than anything you learn in the history books. This truth changes everything.
Jesus made statements. He claimed credit. He wrote a check.
And He proved them true.
The check cleared.

One Response to “Religion vs. Jesus”

  1. Not sure how it happened for all of you guys – but for me, when I got saved, I still had plenty of questions and doubts. I was skeptical that all other religions could be so much different than Christianity, or that there would be any way to logically show that Christianity is actually different and superior.

    I was wrong. All it takes is some good investigating. Christianity is solid as a rock, logically and historically speaking.

    Now, I’m not saying that we’re saved by investigating and coming to logical conclusions. That’s not the case at all. We’re saved by submitting to Jesus and being born again, which is a supernatural act of God.

    What I am saying though, is that God, by His infinite grace, *chose* to allow the choice of Jesus to make the most logical sense, for anyone willing to humble themselves and dig into the details. It’s His choice, and He made it this way.

    Praise God!

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