Your Turn

In Quick Thought on October 9, 2011 by The Spillover

I was unable to make it to the service this morning.
So I didn’t get to hear Dave’s sermon.
So I can’t write a post about it.
BUT…you can.
I need someone to write a blog post with some insight, ideas, thoughts, feedback, or anything else on your heart regarding today’s message.
Don’t be shy!
Who’s it gonna be?
Email me at
It doesn’t have to be anything electrifying…just honest.

5 Responses to “Your Turn”

  1. I wish I could comment on today’s sermon, but Kraig and I were helping with the four-year-olds (I’ll put my mom onto it 🙂 ). I can share how God has been opening Kraig and my heart through teaching these little ones, and how He keeps giving us great ways to bring the lessons home to them. The focus of the year is on God’s love for us (and ours for Him). Last week the story focused on prayer (through Hannah praying for a baby), and the topic seemed timely with our focus on prayer through this blog. Today we talked about Samuel helping out in the tabernacle, and our verse was a paraphrase of Colossians 3:23, “Whatever you do, do your work for the Lord.” Such a truth. Our four-year-olds got to go pick up trash in a classroom (where we’d asked people to leave stuff!) and we talked about how anything we do can to help is actually showing God that we love Him. We’re praying this idea will permeate Calvary as well! I spent yesterday helping with our REAL moms consignment sale; a day of back-breaking work, but such a joy to interact with the people who come through. It really is a ministry that touches so many people in our community!

    • Your mom emailed me 🙂

      Thanks for sharing what’s God has put on your heart. I’m constantly amazed by my little ones.

      And yes, REAL Moms is awesome! I think that’s a topic that someone should write a post on also!

  2. “Im always running away but you are the same so full of grace” No matter what excuses I may have for not sharing the gospel in the past, they don’t matter. God is full of grace. Today is a new day. This week is a new week with new opportunities or perhaps the same opportunities looked at in a different light. The Lord is asking me to be “sent” and an “ambassador”. – Kendra G

  3. Thanks a bunch for the responses I’ve already gotten! Love it!

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