Is It Possible?

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Who thinks Kristine Krieger should write on The Spillover more often? [Adam raises hand]:

One Sent. Me. Is it possible? An opportunity so great…but I am so small.

They must have understood that their success would be all about HIM. But what must that have been like? To be prayed over in earnest by Jesus Christ. To be chosen. To be discipled by God incarnate, himself. To walk with him. To be able to speak as friend to friend – yet to comprehend that this man – whom they had come to respect, revere and follow – was the Great I Am, on earth.

Then to be commissioned to go. I wonder what it must have felt like, when they put their faith into action and for the first time – healing was given to another at the supernatural command of their voice. To meet a desperate need with a miraculous intervention. To understand with clarity – the human condition of the people that surrounded them. The amazement – which must have led to boldness and spurred deeper commitment, deeper relationship with the One who had made it all possible. Is this what they felt?

Desirous to be “Sent.” But how? When? Where? Will I be available? Will I allow my fear to detain me? Or – more importantly – have I already been sent? But in the cares and the busyness of this life, have I missed the fact that this blessing has fallen to me?

Has the great God of the universe prayed over me, as he did those 12 men of old? Me – a sinner, saved by that same grace. I have been chosen. He is desiring to disciple…me…desiring to send…me… I have everything I need in Christ Jesus. I believe. I am willing to be sent – even where I may not want to go. I am determined, I will follow you.

3 Responses to “Is It Possible?”

  1. “Has the great God of the universe prayed over me, as he did those 12 men of old?”


  2. That gave me goosebumps, Kristine! To God be the glory!

  3. wow! so good! definitely goosebumps!!!

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