Old and New

In Being Real on October 13, 2011 by The Spillover

The old me was a mess.
The old me feigned confidence.
The old me sought fulfillment in things that could never deliver.
The old me was terribly concerned with the opinions of those around him.
The old me was so conceited that he wrapped his deep concern with others’ opinions in the fake cloak of really not caring about others’ opinions.
But that old me, boy did he care about what other people thought.
The old me cared a lot about with how things and people could serve him.
Even his family.
Even God.
The old me took the real God and made Him into a fake god that suited his comfort level. His idea of what “God” should be like. As if he was in any position to make such decisions.

I’m still ashamed of the old me.

The new me has new thoughts and new desires.
The new me is proof, to me, of God’s existence.
The new me strives to find my identity in Christ, not things. Or people.
The new me understands that my job is to lose my life in order to gain it.
The new me realizes that my actions are an inheritance I’m leaving for my children. For better or worse.
The new me realizes I’m called to love my wife as Christ loves the church.
The new me strives to seek after God’s glory.

The new me still fails miserably at all these things, all the time.

But the new me has access to the One who can make me newer and newer each day.

3 Responses to “Old and New”

  1. Right there with you. So glad for redemption. So glad that our God can bring “Beauty for Ashes” and that He promises to “Restore the years that the locusts have eaten.” He is amazing. We are but “filthy rags.” How He can redeem us and use us is beyond me. I choose to, in faith, believe Him. I AM REDEEMED!

  2. that’s right, each day is a new day with Him…

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