Jesus is God

In Seekers, Soul Food, Videos on November 2, 2011 by The Spillover

If you’re a seasoned Christian, may the gospel penetrate your heart anew today, atoning for your sins as well as your shortcomings and smashing your idols to pieces. Jesus died for you!

If you’re a young Christian, may the gospel lift you high and hold you, transcending your opinions and doubts, and filling you with faith until you overflow. Jesus died for you!

If you’re not a Christian, may the gospel of Jesus Christ arrest you today! Oh, that you would stop searching for the truth and come to the One who IS truth! Jesus died for you!

2 Responses to “Jesus is God”

  1. Mark Driscoll:

    “they took Jesus and they beat Him some more…
    they scourged Him ripping the flesh off His back;
    He was marred beyond human likeness;
    they made Him forcefully carry a heavy roman crossbar on His barren, bloody, traumatized back;
    He fell on His face and He crushed His chest;
    He had to have help to carry that crossbar to His place of execution and crucifixion;
    they laid Him down and they drove the equivalent of railroad spikes through the most sensitive nerve centers on the human body: the hands and the feet;
    and they KILLED HIM… openly, publicly and shamefully;
    in the presence of His own mother;
    as people cursed at Him, and jeered at Him, and spat upon Him.”

    and that was the EASY part!

    It always surprises me how people can go on and on about the gory details about Jesus’ death and not say a word about what he suffered AFTER that.

    He spent an ETERNITY in hell for ME. I have no idea how that works or what that looks like, but I’d guess the pain and suffering quoted above could very well be INSIGNIFICANT in comparison.

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