A Pivotal Role, In Quiet Confidence

In Kristine Krieger, Soul Food on November 9, 2011 by The Spillover

What was it about Jonathon and David’s relationship that caught our Creator’s eye?  Of all the friendships of the time, why was this specific account the one He chose to herald the example of God-ordained friendship for us?

I wonder if it wasn’t because of the utter selflessness of Jonathon.  Knowing that he had every right to put up his heels and demand the throne, yet the God he had come to know, personally, had obviously revealed His Plan to this man – and he was on board, whatever the cost.  And this faith that I see in Jonathon –  it wasn’t a faith that his father had.  No, it surpassed his father’s faith.

Where did he learn and become so bolstered in his faith?  Was it his mother that enjoyed this kind of faith?  Or was it a journey all his own?  While the answer precludes us in the Word, the fact remains – this man had deep communication with his beloved Heavenly Father.  Faith that was lived out enough to defy human order and answer to a much higher call on his life.  Even in times of testing, when David came and spoke irrationally, in his despair – accusing Jonathon.  This friend was steadfast, understanding the emotion of the words and not imparting blame to his wounded friend.  After all they had been through, why would David question Jonathon’s loyalty?  The amazing reality is that Jonathon’s faith was so wrapped in the God who knew all, that he could see through the pain to the heart of his friend.  Even coming, we see in later chapters, to “build up David” in the promises of the Lord.  This was not a man interested in selfish ambition.  For Jonathon, it was all about God.

I know, I know… David continues to be the main storyline in the pages of I Samuel, but I must admit that I have come to admire the faith and courage of this man, Jonathon.  To me, he was an example of being in the epicenter of his Father’s will.  Steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.  And his labors weren’t in vain, were they?

His life, in the Book of Books, was portrayed as supporting character.  But God knew his name.  Jonathon understood that his role was a pivotal one, to fulfill the will of the Great God he served.  To Jonathon, GOD was the main character.  In stark contrast to David, Jonathon’s life ended strongly, with unswerving belief in a God who could do far above what he could think or ask.  And his life echoes the reflection of that belief.

This evidence has caused me to consider my own relationships.  Am I seeing them as pivotal opportunities to give God praise?  To have Him rejoice over my selfless acts of care for another?  Does my life reflect the kind of devotion to others that Jonathon exhibited?  For that matter, have I let others deep enough into my life, that they have the ability to minister to me in times when I am hurting?  Am I vulnerable enough to have the kinds of relationships, deep enough to withstand injustice/hurt to me?  And if so, what would my reaction be to this hurt?  Am I reacting to my offenses as Jonathon did?

Is it truly, for me, all about God?

4 Responses to “A Pivotal Role, In Quiet Confidence”

  1. I just love the way Kristine writes.

  2. Good timing on this, Kristine! Guess what our lesson for our four-year-olds (2-5 yr olds, in fact) is on this Sunday! Now to distill some of these truths for four-year-old brains….

  3. What a great perspective! I love this! A great reminder that it is and should be all about God and not us or who we think it should be. Kristine, you have a gift, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for your encouragement! I means a lot!

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