Praying With Michael

In Being Real, Home and Family, Perspective on November 14, 2011 by The Spillover

It’s 8:23 pm and I just came down the steps, grabbed my netbook, and sat here at the kitchen table after tucking my two-year-old son Michael into bed. We just had a special moment, though I cherish every moment I spend with that boy. That God gave him to me and entrusts me with his upbringing is a continual source of wonderment in my life. I love him so deeply that it hurts.

We were praying together, which is the last thing we do before I turn the lights out. I was laying next to him, our faces inches apart, and we were looking into each others’ eyes as I prayed, thanking God for giving Michael and me the father-and-son bond that we have, even at his young age. It was a precious moment; the “sunset time” of the day when his tenacious energy gives way to sleepiness and he’s gentle and docile and affectionate. I was overcome with love for him, when a notion arrested my mind, mid-prayer:

If I really love him, I’ll never let my love for him come anywhere near the love I have for God.

If I really love him, I’ll teach him to give his life away for the gospel, even though my instinct is to shelter and protect him at any cost.

If I really love him, I’ll ferociously seek to purge sin from my life and my heart as I live as his flesh-and-bones example to follow.

These thoughts flashed through my mind in an instant. The way I must raise him is not the way the world tells me to raise him. It’s not even the way my instincts tell me to raise him. If I really love him, I have to raise him by the standards of the life-infusing gospel of Jesus Christ, without compromise.

As I looked into Michael’s eyes, I quietly begged God to grant me proper perspective and to emotionally equip me to lead my son into a life that is difficult. I asked Him to help me lead Michael toward the way of life everlasting, that I might prime him to treasure Jesus above anything and everything else. And I realized — for the first time in living color — that if God should answer my prayer, by His perfect grace and sacrifice, I’ll be able to spend eternity with my precious little boy.

4 Responses to “Praying With Michael”

  1. I especially appreciate this post, Mr. Ford. How hard it is to sometimes for us as parents to keep that eternal perspective.

  2. This is awesome, Adam. I’m thinking it needs to go in one of our REAL moms newsletters (the dad’s perspective 🙂 ). It is so easy to hold our kids with such a tight fist because we don’t want anything “bad” to happen to them, when in actuality we have to put them completely in God’s hand, and live our lives fully in Christ, and as a result love our kids truly. My dim perspective of the here-and-now is nothing compared to Eternity. Thanks for the great insight.

  3. Yes, give him roots and give him wings. Give him Jesus, pure, and undiluted. Forget all the other trappings, because in the end, the only thing that matters is Jesus and eternity.

  4. Thanks guys 🙂

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