CBC Sunday Preview

In Sunday Preview on November 18, 2011 by The Spillover

Are you ready for this Sunday?

York Moore, the International Man of Mystery himself, will be preaching on The Dream of God. I’ll let York explain:

The Dream of God is so great that not the fall of His creation, not the willful determination of the Devil, not the death of His Son Jesus, and not the rage of the nations will deter that dream from becoming reality. God will have His day. His dream will come to pass in the dynamic reunion between Creator and created, at a marvelous wedding feast that is beyond our wildest dreams.

What this means for us today is profound, for we live life in light of this great day of celebration and restoration for all the nations. As the Global Church, we don’t exist to manage sin or merely to preserve culture but rather to transform both soul and society – to be the vehicle by which the Kingdom of God breaks in to the kingdoms of this world. We are His Church – on mission with Him and for Him!

You may want to read that again. And then cancel your weekend plans if they involve anything other than being present at Calvary Baptist Church on Sunday morning to hear this message.

“I would like to come” you say, “but I don’t know what songs we’ll be singing. How am I s’posed to get my worship on if I’m not sure of the words of the tunes?”


And as a special treat, we’ll be led by Girlz Unlimited:

We hope to see you there this Sunday. Revival and love are in the air, thick as pea soup. Come worship with our family.

2 Responses to “CBC Sunday Preview”

  1. I’m interested to see how “All God’s Critters” fits into a worship service. It seems more appropriate for an elementary level program.

  2. That was a fantastic service. The girls did a super job of singing and the songs were great. Thanks to York for the sermon.

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