Who Was Charles Wesley?

In Videos on November 25, 2011 by The Spillover

4 Responses to “Who Was Charles Wesley?”

  1. …who would have thought, something good coming out of Mars Hill..KIDDING!
    Great video enjoyed how it showed that he was a man struggling with pains and doubts.

    • Not a Mars Hill fan, eh? It’s OK, lots of people aren’t. They have tons of great content, though. And I agree, I loved the times of inner turmoil that led to Wesley going “all in”. Great stuff.

  2. Charles Wesley was a pretty incredible man. Younger brother of both John Wesley and Samuel Wesley. Mom Susanna had far to many children to be politically correct — somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 — but she was an incredible example of how parenting disciples a family. Older brother John changed England — he attacked poverty, prostitution, slavery, illiteracy, abandonment of children, alcohol and drugs — and he did it by preaching the Word of God and getting new believers into small discipleship groups where they studied scripture together and held each other accountable. If you are a reader, there’s a terrific article about this at:

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