To Be Pondered: The Awe and Wonder

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It is at this time of year, my mind can’t seem to refrain from racing toward Mary. This amazing woman, worthy to carry the Christ-child.

Above all women, she held the attention of the God of the Universe. Blessed by the Creator, to carry His child. I am amazed at the faith and the grace this woman exhibited, not only in this much publicized moment in her young life, but also further, as we see her develop in scripture.

Specifically, I am moved by a single moment in Mary’s life. Ironically, it is not the account of her chosen status to be honored to carry our Savior – though make no mistake – that is an amazing part of our Christian heritage. No. I am moved by an older Mary. The one who was lovingly at work, helping a friend in the execution of a wedding.

The Wedding in Cana.

It is apparent to me, that Mary had become dependable in entertaining, and we find her, working to help make this event a success. It is here, that I find my favorite moment with her revealed.

The bible records that the wedding was coming to its end, but not close enough, as it was apparent that the limited supply of wine would be noticed. Mary had most likely done all she could do, and knew that this shortage would be a disgrace to her friend. Then, in a moment – she sees her son. He can help me.

I am not sure what Mary really understood about her son. Did she really grasp the fact that he had the power of the universe in his hand? Or was it that she trusted his dependability, and knew he would willingly run and fetch more wine to save the reputation of the hosts? For whatever reason – she called him. And he came to her to see what she needed. “We are running out of wine.”  I can almost hear her hushed voice, mixed with the distinctive tone of stress in her request. Please… help me fix this!

Then it happens…  “Woman, what have I to do with you?”

What kind of response was this? Why was this recorded? And it makes me wonder…  In this single moment, did a change occur?

Was it the look in Jesus’ eyes, as he searched her soul? Was this the moment that her own eyes beheld him, all the pondering in her heart concluded, and in this single moment – did she surrender her position as His mother – to embrace Him as her Savior? I wonder.

She speaks. Her faith is revealed. “Do whatever He tells you.” Can you feel the silence in the room, as they wait for the next command? Or picture the lingered stare of love exchanged between a mother and her son. She had anticipated that these things would come to pass. Now they were at hand – she knew it. And He knew that she knew.

There is something amazing about this woman’s heart. I desire it.

I want a heart that is pliable, yielding, sticking so close to the Great I Am, that I am not surprised when His omnipotent timing meets my path. Willing to release my son – to do the will of his Father God. A heart like Mary’s.

I remember – that exact moment of awe and wonder. When Jesus ceased to be someone I heard of, and became the Lord of my life. Job 42:5 is forever emblazoned on my heart – “…I have heard of you by hearing of the ear; but now my eye sees you…” And if you have ever surrendered your heart and life to the Savior… you know what I mean.  It is a moment of unparalleled release, safety, peace and joy. It is true, you are never quite the same.

So, I am challenged. What am I doing with my awe and wonder? Is it tucked into the recesses of my memory? A fleeting thought, once in a while, when the communion cup is passed? Or has it ignited and become a life on fire? A desire that others can feel and know that same awe and wonder that I have been blessed to know?

In this Christmas season, I wonder… Am I enjoying the manger scene – but not truly being impacted by the significance of what that birth really brought to my life?

I ponder the awe and wonder of it all, and pray that you will too.

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  1. *insert little heart symbol here*

  2. ❤ 🙂 I second the heart symbol

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