CBC Sunday Preview and Challenge

In Sunday Preview on December 10, 2011 by The Spillover

Can you believe tomorrow is December 11th already? Pretty unbelievable. I pray the unspeakable profundity of the gospel is covering you anew this Christmas season. The Creator of the universe (see two posts ago) entered our broken world as a crying, drooling baby. It’s astounding.

There can be no greater privilege in this life than to know Him and worship Him.

To that end: a challenge.

I challenge you to challenge yourself to come to the worship service tomorrow morning prepared to offer God the most focused, reckless praise you can. As you step into your pew, be intentional about simultaneously stepping out of the busyness that comes with this time of year. Step into God’s presence and worship Him as if you already reside in Heaven and are presently laying eyes on Him.

The truth is, God left glory to come to us on a rescue mission. He deserves more glory and praise than all of us combined, times a thousand, could muster in a million years. So let’s do our best to give Him His due! Let’s show new visitors that we don’t just think God’s worthy of praise, we know it, and we’ll show it! Amen.

The songs we’ll be singing to Him are as follows:

Pray that God will give us the grace to seek Him anew and that He’ll open our heart to hear what’s being taught and to seek His glory above all else.

One Response to “CBC Sunday Preview and Challenge”

  1. challenge accepted, can’t wait!

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