Let’s Read More Scripture in 2012

In Soul Food on December 30, 2011 by The Spillover

From John Piper at Desiring God:

At Bethlehem we close prayer week with a focus on the value of reading and memorizing Scripture in the new year. I preach on the value of God’s word and the importance of reading and memorizing the Scripture every day.

Justin Taylor has pulled together a list of possible ways to read the Bible in this new year.

I encourage everyone to take the closing days of the year to plan how you are going to read the Bible in the new year. Don’t leave it to chance. One of the main reasons we don’t read God’s word is that we don’t plan to.

This past year I used the McCheyne reading plan, reading it with the Olive Tree Software on the iPad. McCheyne takes you through the whole Bible once, and the Psalms and the New Testament twice. It was for me a rich daily feast.

We also love to recommend the Discipleship Journal Reading Plan for one main reason. Few things discourage us more from reading the Bible in a year than falling behind. This plan gives five catch up days every month. This is absolutely golden!

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. Those are the words of Jesus (Matthew 4:4).  Let’s take them seriously and live on the word every day in 2012.

3 Responses to “Let’s Read More Scripture in 2012”

  1. I recently bought the NKJV Audio Bible through iTunes for $10. A great way to read the bible while driving or working out, etc. Also available through

  2. A plan I have done once and want to do again is to move through the Bible by sections. I put markers in my Bible — Monday – Genesis 1, Tuesday – Joshua 1, Wednesday – Job 1, Thursday – Isaiah 1, Friday – Matthew 1, Saturday – Romans 1, Sunday — day off. Then as the week goes by I read from the specific day book, as much or little as I have time or inclination, and when I’m done I move the marker forward in that section. I never feel pressured to “finish” the Bible in a specific time, though there is nothing wrong with one year plans. The last time I did this plan I spread it over three years, and it was refreshing to move from Pentateuch to History to Poetry to Prophets to NT History to Epistles as I went through the week. If I missed a day, it was no big deal because the next day I was somewhere else. I recommend using a paperback Bible for this purpose that you can write all over it and mark where you’ve finished each day.

  3. I know I’m a few weeks late to this party….haven’t been doing much blog reading recently. But or the you version app for any smart phone has hundreds of reading plans. Some are year long, some 30 days, some all the way thru the Bible, some focus on sections. It’ll even set up a reminder each day at a certain time to remind you to do your reading, and keeps track of it along the way. Pick 1 or choose a couple.

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