Women of the Word

In Calvary Baptist Church, Lee Anne Young on January 6, 2012 by The Spillover


And I know the answer to that question is a resounding “YES!!” Serving in women’s ministries, I have seen and heard it all. The pain of divorce. The heartbreak of an adult child’s choices–after a lifetime of “training him in the way he should go.” The exhaustion of a young mom. The lack of confidence women feel in general. My heart breaks for each and every woman who goes through this, and yet I know there is One who can meet the deepest of needs. He is right there, waiting.

And He is ignored.

Not purposefully, of course. But in practicality. We make choices. Oftentimes, we choose to go on living with frustration, exhaustion, and pain. But did you know the Holy Spirit heals us, grows us and changes us through His Word? That’s the tool He uses. We all say we want to grow in our relationship with God. However, it is not accomplished by merely dreaming it or thinking it. We need to do our part and give the Holy Spirit something to work with.

There are plenty of “reasonable” excuses. “ Yes, I would love to go to Bible Study, but I am sooooo busy” is the most common. Here is an idea: Take out a piece of paper, make two columns; one titled “pros” and one titled “cons.” Start listing reasons why you should or should not attend Bible study. Let me give you a few for your “pros” list to get you started:

I will grow in my faith
I will commit to and help to form a habit of a daily time of devotion
I will learn how to study the Word
I will learn how to apply Scripture in a practical way to my life
I will make friends who see the world as I do, through the lens of God’s Word and who are hungry to take their faith to the next level.
I will have prayer support, and I will be able to support new friends in prayer
I will have opportunities to do good for those in need
I will strengthen my bond as part of the body of Christ
I will have a better perspective and outlook on my week
I will be a better wife and mother, as I fill my heart with God’s Word it will spill over onto my family

Any more pros you can list? Here’s a start for the “cons” list:

Ummm, nothing really sounds good compared to the list above.

Is God calling you to Bible study this semester? The answer is YES! He is! He’s been waiting! Don’t ignore Him. There are a lot of great options out there, but let me give you one close to my heart: Complete details about Women of the Word and our class offerings are found on our website at: and when you get there just choose the Bible study tab at the top of the screen. You will also find a downloadable registration form at the bottom of the article.

We would love to have you join us. You will find a warm welcome at Women of the Word, coffee, tea, and tasty treats await you at each meeting. And here is another “pro” for your list: you don’t have to come alone! You are encouraged to bring a friend!

We will be looking for you on Tuesday! Sign up on Sunday at the table in the Lobby. Questions? Feel free to email me at

Lee Anne Young
Director, Women’s Ministries
Calvary Baptist Church

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  1. Thanks so much for this encouragement!!!

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