Growing Up in Church vs Your Current Heart State

In Being Real on January 11, 2012 by The Spillover

Did you grow up in church?
Have you been a Christian as long as you can remember?
Are you the product of a loving Christian home?
Did you go to Christian school?
Have you never indulged in the “hard sins”?
Have you not missed a Sunday service in decades?
Can you quote scripture like a pro?

Cool. Those are all wonderful things. But here are the more important questions:

How’s your heart today?
Is it utterly in love with Jesus the Messiah?
Are you baffled daily that He saved you from condemnation?
Is your heart’s desire to see God glorified?
Will you deny yourself for His sake?
Will you carry your cross daily?
Would you give everything you own for Him?
Can you worship with the Psalmists when all is right?
Can you worship with Paul when beaten and in chains?
Is God your portion and passion?

Answer these for yourselves, by yourselves. Not the churchy answer, but the honest answer.

If the honest answer leaves you worried, then go to God and tell Him that. Plead with Him to make Himself the passion and joy of your heart, and don’t stop asking until He does.

3 Responses to “Growing Up in Church vs Your Current Heart State”

  1. Excellent thoughts. There is no “resting on our past” in our walk with God. It must be current, today, and not churchy. In fact, I like to term myself as a follower of Christ who is not religious.

  2. yes, excellent thots. but we must never assume that if someone answers “yes” to the first group of questions, they won’t be able to answer “yes” to the second group. to make that assumption would be judgmental and we don’t need to be doing that within our body.

  3. Agreed. I am glad this post does not make that assumption, and simply names the “how’s your heart today?” questions as the most important ones.

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