The Land of Tomorrow

In Perspective on January 31, 2012 by The Spillover

Here’s an excerpt from Kyle Idleman’s book, Not a Fan:

People put off following Jesus with their whole heart. For years they tell Jesus, “Tomorrow.” And while I am glad that tomorrow came for my friend Scott, he would tell you that he lost a lot in the Land of Tomorrow. His wife left him and took his kids. He gets to see them every other weekend which has left him plenty of time for his AA meetings. The Land of Tomorrow is where you find divorce, addiction and unmanageable debt. In the Land of Tomorrow are unfaithful spouses and prodigal children… I’ve discovered that most often tomorrow becomes today when tragedy strikes and dreams are shattered. After years of putting Him off, they finally turn to Him in desperation, ready to surrender to Him their whole life. It may be shattered and in a thousand pieces but they finally give it over to Him. Jesus hasn’t just been whispering “Follow me” to some of you. He’s been shouting, hoping to get your attention before you lose any more in the Land of Tomorrow.

2 Responses to “The Land of Tomorrow”

  1. Great sentiment but not to say that actually saying “today” makes it all an easy road. There are still shattered dreams, prodigal kids, unfaithful spouses, lost jobs in the “land of today”. We’ve not been promised a safe and secure walk, but are safe in secure in Him during that walk.

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