From Ireland

In Awareness, Calvary Baptist Church, Soul Food on February 9, 2012 by The Spillover

This is a short story from Jonathan and Becky Schuster, Calvary missionaries in Ireland (let’s keep them in prayer, eh?):

Last night our neighbor Breda rushed over and told our son, Evan, to get my husband, Jonathan – there was an emergency with her husband Joe. When Jonathan heard Evan yelling, “Joe’s in trouble! EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY!” he thought for sure he’d be administering CPR and ran out the door in his slippers and house coat. As it turns out our neighbors had a radiator that wasn’t working, which often happens when air gets in the system, and Joe had been trying to loosen a screw that lets the water drip out until the air escapes.

Unfortunately the screw came completely out and black, rusty water was squirting everywhere while he tried to get the screw back in. After Jonathan fixed the problem and numerous towels had mopped up the water mess, Evan was given the three cans of 7UP he’d been eyeing for a while. Joe and Breda have treated our children like grandchildren since we met five years ago, and find joy in giving them 7UP cans on a regular basis. (While it’s rather odd, the kids certainly love getting them!)

Shortly later I rolled in to find Joe and Breda in their driveway. Joe was leaving to help his son Joseph set up his new pet shop, and I moved indoors with Breda to continue our conversation as it was freezing outside. Over the course of an hour I had the opportunity to share the gospel with Breda and pray for her health. She shared how when her youngest of six children turned four she spent every morning in the Catholic church and even did all night vigils. One of her sons became a priest. A rosary hangs on their wall. The Pope’s picture is in their kitchen. She prays to Mary and several saints regularly.

There wasn’t a medical emergency, it was a spiritual one.

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