One Worth Crossing Over For — Part 1

In Kristine Krieger, Soul Food on March 28, 2012 by The Spillover

Luke 8 records the account of Jesus crossing over to the other side of the lake. When He arrives, His compassion is stirred by the man possessed with many demons. I wonder if  this demon-possessed man understood that God incarnate had drawn near? And that in His hand He held the power to heal this man’s conflicted body and make him whole?

One thing is certain, this man’s demons knew and trembled. Did those demons hope that the wretched state they had reduced this man to – naked, dirty and homeless – would make their host ineligible for Jesus to take note of him? The answer is quickly revealed as the Master of all the Universe speaks and the demons immediately flee into a herd of pigs. Those gathering on that hill are witness to the miraculous events that return this man to his right mind, while driving the swine to their death.

Joyful, grateful and in complete recognition of what has just been done for him, the man immediately sits at the feet of the Master and begins to gain understanding. Meanwhile those who saw these works, run to his hometown to spread the news! He was healed by the words of this Man from Galilee!

As the word spreads, the townsmen must see for themselves. The people gasp in surprise. Is this the man who – just this morning – bore the signs of the possessed? Now in their midst, fully apparent in his healing, this man sits at the feet of his Savior. And it begs the question…. What would they do with this knowledge? Would their faith then spur them to bring Jesus the others in need of healing?

Unfortunately the story reveals their fear. “Do not bring him here!”

Jesus – the Son of God – who had done this miraculous thing – unwelcome. The fear of the unknown was more powerful than the testimony of the redeemed: the healed who now sat in their midst. They had seen with their own eyes, how could they fear? But the scripture records the rejection. Jesus, along with his disciples, get back on the boat and return to where they came from. All that might and power to heal – lost. 

Only one received healing.  But one was enough for Him to cross over for. 

You, are enough for Him to cross over for.

No matter your condition, no matter your inability to be worthy. He loves you, and He would still cross over even if it was only for you. What is it that you are needing the Lord to heal? What is it that threatens to destroy? You must know, and you must hear…. Your need is enough for the Lord to cross over.  Are you willing?

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