One Worth Crossing Over For — Part 2

In Kristine Krieger, Soul Food on March 29, 2012 by The Spillover

It is important to note that this was not the only visit Jesus made to this side of the lake. Take note further in the scriptures. Jesus returns to this same town a good while later. And what does he find? That same man. And this man has not been dissuaded from speaking about his miracle. Unaffected by the fearful, unaffected by the disbelievers, he knew what Jesus had done for him and he had not ceased to tell his town. And upon Jesus return, they immediately brought all who needed healing.

The tables had turned. Now, it was because of that one man.

The Lord knew exactly what he was doing when He crossed over for this one man. This one would be the ambassador. This one would be unshakeable. This was the one that would change his town. This was the one Jesus desired to use.

And, so are you.

Has the Lord crossed over for you? Do you know of His goodness and mercy? His miracles? What then are you doing with it?

He has a plan to use you. He has a plan to receive you, just as you are. To mold and shape you into the vessel that is ready for the service He desires of you. Are you ready? Don’t be fearful. He will walk with you all of the way… After all… He would have crossed over – even if it would have only been for you.

One Response to “One Worth Crossing Over For — Part 2”

  1. Love these, Kristine. Just love them.

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